Thursday, 25 October 2012

Why Explore the Tree...The Nest is So Comfy?!

It starts with diapers.  And tiny feet, wrapped in tiny socks that won't stay on.  The soft, downy head cupped gently in your hand...smelling of baby shampoo and newness.  Hands that seem to belong on a doll clutching your finger so tightly you wonder where that strength comes from.

Then, you wake up one morning, roll over bleary-eyed, look at the alarm clock and blink back shock that it's not 4am and your little one actually made it past 7am.  What seems like a week later, sunlight streams into your room, and when you check the time it's past smell toast...hear the happy chatter of kids discussing the best plan of attack to squeeze every bit of joy from their Saturday.  You sit up, shake the sleepies from your head and reflect back to the time of diapers and tiny feet wrapped in socks. 

Time in the nest is skewed.  At times you want to rush the daily routine that has you feeling exhausted...but when it slips by it's hard not to miss.  The nest is warm, safe and home.  But like all young, the call of freedom rings loudly over the treetops.  The pull of stepping out of the nest is normal, and trying to explain to the little ones that the timing has to be just right to encourage them onto that first branch.  Family traditions will have to evolve to allow for some first flights.  But right now I can't let go.  My Peach, Pickle and Coconut belong snuggled in the nest, under the wing of a watchful Mom and Dad.  One step at a time.

The moment, I know, is around the corner.  The moment when they look back with a smile and step off the branch - wings spread wide, confident and prepared.  Until then I will try and cherish each moment and each day. 

I can't believe it but...I miss diapers!

Happy cherishing,

Kathy Pettit

Tuesday, 9 October 2012


Forget the turkey, the stuffing, the potatoes, the gravy, the pumpkin pie, the cranberry sauce (hard to do - I know - but I am going somewhere with this!)...try to conjure up an image of something else that represents Thanksgiving....  It's hard to do, but hopefully what you are left with is "family."  Family is an all-encompassing term representing all whom we hold near and dear to our hearts. People who may either be in our lives by choice or chance - but are here nonetheless!  

I have a thankful heart.  I truly appreciate what I have, where I come from and who I have in my life.  There are some pretty special people who have joined my adventure.  People who have helped me grow, those who reached out a hand when I stumbled, took the time to show me the sunshine when all I saw was rain, who laughed at me and with me, and who guided me towards what was right. 

I have a father.  A warm-hearted, loving, hard-working father.  A father who raised my brother and I when my mother didn't want to.  A father that was humble enough to ask for help when required.  I grew up in Ontario housing, in a neighbourhood that selfishly cycles it's poverty to the next generation.  It's difficult to get out unscathed.  My dad pushed us to finish school and pursue a secondary education.  We listened.  Although I will be eternally grateful to The Food Bank and their contribution to our meals, I wanted more for my future and my family.  I worked hard because I wanted to live so that I could become the giver and help those in need where I could.  A kind of Pay-It-Forward feeling.  I look around at my house that we own, at our stuff, at my kids, at my loving hubby - and FEEL the appreciation right in my bones.  I am so blessed.  God has blessed me in abundance.  I will NEVER forget where I come from.  It is humbling to share with others that I was a recipient of The Food Bank.  It is not a dirty secret, but a fact that helped us survive.  Sometimes, putting a face to an organization helps one realize that their donations do matter, that they are making a positive difference in someones life.  

One thing I have learned along the way is: Be happy and joyful in everything you do.  Remain humble and appreciative.  Don't forget where you came from and how you got to where you are today.  For me, it was a fabulous journey, and the lessons learned along the way were invaluable to my future. 

Thank you everyone for reading.  And - hey - pass on some good deeds to a charity near you!  It will come back to you - I promise!

I can't believe it but...I feel good about having shared my humble beginnings.

Happy happiness,
Kathy Pettit