Monday, 7 January 2013

The Self Conscious Extrovert

Incidentally - NOT me dancing

It is time to freely admit it.  A time to share with everyone the painful truth that exists in my life.  It's not easy, a few gulps of air (and maybe wine) to bare it all.  But I have to lay the burden down.

I can't dance.  

There it is.  Just like that.  The truth.  For those that are kind and give me the benefit of the doubt - please don't.  You're not doing me any favours.  You see, my dance moves (or lack there of) are awkwardly stuck in the 90's.  Nobody really "raises the roof" anymore, or pulls off a killer "running man" - or even a perfect 10 "Cabbage Patch."  Even if they did - does it look good?  Wait!  Don't answer that!  Truth hurts.  The only real dance move I could do with ease was when Kris Kross made me "Jump Jump."  The Humpty Dance posed some challenges, as did BBD, Rob Bass, Young MC...I have to face it - I am Rhythmically Challenged. 

Luckily,  I have a good friend that suffers from the same affliction (or so she says, but she may be one of those fakers that lie to try and make you feel better ;D - kidding BL!), so I am not alone in my inability to move to the rhythm (because rhythm is a dancer, it's a sole companion, you can feel it everywhere...sorry couldn't resist!!)on a dance floor.  So, between the two of us we came up with a money-making venture to help us poor moms hit the dance floor.  Someone should start up a dance group for beginner mom dancers with no skills - and teach us HOW to dance some basic go-to moves that keep us looking current and confident on the dance floor.  I am certain we could find a group of self-conscious moms that would love to never do the "worm" again!  (Kidding, I was never co-ordinated enough to pull that off!)  

So there it is.  Don't think any less of me for my discomfort of all things dance.  Instead, rock out to the 90's with me...or, if it's easier, pretend you don't know me on the dance floor.  I'll understand.

I can't believe it but...the truth is out there.

Happy Grooving,

Kathy Pettit


  1. WHAT?!?!?!?! I distinctly remember some perfectly adequate dance moves coming from your corner... And who's to say that "Jump, Jump" won't make a comeback, huh? DJs still play Pour Some Sugar on Me religiously, at least at office Christmas parties 8|

    Seriously. I'm aghast. But hey, remember another great song's lyrics - "Dance Like No One's Watching You." Pump up the jam, my friend, pump it.


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