Sunday, 1 December 2013

Prickly Personality? It Doesn't End Well...

Big Puffer Fish Washed Up on Beach in Costa Rica

You meet some interesting characters on the road of life.  Some amazing people who you think you should be more like, others who have the uncanny ability to make you laugh at the most mundane situations, and those people that you try really hard to avoid because their personality leaves you feeling..."ouch!"  I have a secret that I'm going to share about this last type - but you have to read to the end to get it!  (Don't think I'm being prickly - I promise I'm not!)

Picture this: A sunrise teasing the grey sky with hints of orange and red, warm sand squishing between your toes, the surf kissing your ankles with it's foamy edge.  The quiet peace of a morning that started before the sun rose in it's full splendour.  It really sets the scene for some actual romance (I say actual because at home surrounded by real life - actual romance can be hard to make really magical - which is way easier at an exotic location like Costa Rica) - I'm sure you would agree. 

While the water noisily flushed over my ankles we noticed some shapes in the sand ahead, as the sun was lighting the beach aglow.  Hmmm....we saw puffer fishes.  Big ones.  Dead ones...but big.  I have never seen one up close before and was, to be frank, creeped out by them!  Suddenly that lovely water that cleaned the sand from my feet every few seconds freaked me out.  Imagining those creature alive (or dead!) bobbing around my ankles was not a thought that kept with the theme of romance.  We moved a bit further from the edge and saw body after body of these (Poor? Not sure I'd use that description - but still - it was sad they were dead!) things. 

But here is the part that I found morbidly fascinating; up ahead a giant black vulture was eating these critters on his own private sandy smorgasbord!  The circle of life is even more amazing in places of unfamiliar territory! Check out the picture below we snapped....  

I started thinking about the prickly people in my life - past and present.  I keep a distance, because the alternative is - well - OUCH!  But among the thorns that exist in people, there is an inherent weakness.  You see, like all versions of armour, there is a weak point.  A vulnerability that exists in all of us.  In the beached puffer fish - it was it's death.  In people, it's just being human!  It doesn't end well if you're not nice.  Now, you won't get gobbled up by a vulture (unless of course you take a trip out to a desert with no water...and you pass out from heat...and then die...then you may turn out to be lunch for a very unattractive large bird) but just being yourself will eventually not end well.  The weakness is people will eventually see you for who you really are.  If that version of yourself ain't (yep - I said ain't - whatcha gonna do about it?!) pretty - you're done for!
So here's the thing - if you have the intention of being a good person - DO IT!!  Take action, folks!!  Listen more, let people tell their stories, talk less, share what you have generously, like everyone (or at least try to!), smile at strangers, lend a hand when one is needed, and just be nice.  I don't want any of my readers to end up like that spiky sea creature.  I shudder at the thought!

I can't believe it but...I have puffer fish in my blog!!

Happy being good!
Kathy Pettit