Monday, 25 February 2013

The Haves, The Have-Nots, and The Have-Somes

Make a difference for a fellow Canadian!
My bad day, when the last of the milk has been spilled by a careless gesture of a 6 year old boy, where I am out of apples to pack on lunches because I forgot to add them to my shopping list the day before, where I jump into the van, frazzled and hurried only to discover it's on empty...I take a deep breath.  I know it will be okay.  I'll buy more milk on the way home from work, I'll send a banana instead of an apple, and I'll rush to the gas station before work and top up the gas in the vehicle I am fortunate to have.  And when I get to the destination - which is a job that I get paid to do (and like!) - I roll up my cushioned chair up to my computer, log in, and start my day.  I start it with a feeling of gratefulness.

I am a Have-Some.  I have what I need - mostly when I need it.  I don't have everything I want - but if I did I wouldn't appreciate it.  I am blessed to not be a Have-Not.  I have solutions to my problems.  I have the ability to change my situation.  But others in my community are not so fortunate.  There are people that go hungry, that weep because their kids go to school hungry, seniors that choose a roof over their heads rather than 3 meals a day. 

At church on Sunday, Father Don stirred emotions in me, that triggered this posting.  He shared a need in our immediate community.  His suggestion - was brilliant on two levels.  The first suggestion was to pass up something in the grocery store that we usually tend to buy because we want to.  A "luxury" item, if you will.  Then we are to put that dollar value into a collection box which will help purchase grocery cards for this particular family.  The second, and frankly most important, point was to not focus on the money we were donating - but rather to experience the "going without" - to feel the sacrifice.  The emotion that this family has to go through on a regular basis, on a miniature scale.  It is fairly easy to drop a few dollars towards a good cause when reminded of the need - but to FEEL the need - now that is another story. 

I encourage you to figure out your "sacrifice" - and make a difference in your community.

I can't believe it but...if we were all Have-Somes, our community would be a better place.

Happy Sacrificing,

Kathy Pettit

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

An Order of Romance...Would You Like Kids With That?!

Valentine's Day is not the same when you have been blessed with children.  The romance is less romantic.  The silence is non-existent.  The chocolate box is swarmed and devoured by the kids.  The intimate dinner - actually - I am not sure this even exists!  I love my kids - don't judge! But I also would love to spend time with Hubby without being interrupted with fun facts about Josh Hutcherson or the ins and outs of fourth grade drama.

So, we weave some attempt at romance when the kids are otherwise occupied. We eat a family friendly meal, listen to the jokes and tribulations of the day, while we sip wine with our macaroni and cheese dinner.  We casually look at our watches and remind the kids that bedtime is coming.  We try hard to drink just enough wine to pretend we are celebrating, and not too much that we fall asleep when the kids do.  We wait patiently for the sandman to lull the hooligans into a deep sleep.  Then we celebrate in the quiet of the night with more wine and each other. 

Maybe this is real romance.  The stuff that builds the foundation of our relationship.  Maybe when our kids have grown, and have left the house, we will find Valentine's Day a little too quiet.  Right now it sounds tempting, but knowing we always want what we don't have - I am sure we will miss it.  And after they start their families, they'll need to dump their kids somewhere so they can celebrate the day smothered in romance - I'll bet the first people they call is Grandma and Grandpa.  So our Valentine's Day will evolve yet again.

Maybe that's what it's about.  Not just the romance, but the deep love we have (most of the time!) for our kids and for the family we created.  That, and of course, the wine.  Because wine makes everything a titsch better...

I can't believe it but...I admitted to drinking wine AND eating macaroni at the same time!

Happy romancing,

Kathy Pettit

Saturday, 9 February 2013

But I Don't Wanna!

Do I have to?  It's not fair!  Why?  I imagine whining those statements, stomping my adult-sized foot and perfecting the grown-up pouty face.  Attempting that behaviour might not be the most attractive thing I could do...barring an incident that I will refer to as "lets-never-speak-of-this-again" (don't ask - I won't tell!)! 
But I can't.  Because apparently (still debatable), I'm an adult.  I am too "mature" to ask questions that get answered with lines like, "Because I said so."  Really, I can't ask because I already know the answers to those questions.  The beautiful thing about children is their innocence.  They can't answer any of their own questions - because they don't KNOW the answers.  It's actually an amazing gift to be blessed with.  That is the reason kids are so happy!  They have no idea what the real world has in store for them. They can change their situation when they stomp their foot.  They can alter a decision made by an exhausted parent with a really cute pouty lip.  They know they can grind away at a "no" with persistence and wear it down to a "maybe", and then, after a little more work can expect an exasperated "yes."  Kids are smart. 
Those moments, when I take off my disguise of the high-heels, the pantyhose, and put down my briefcase...I can be myself again.  A big kid. 

I can't believe it all know my secret - I'm a pretend adult!

Happy childhood memories!
Kathy Pettit