Sunday, 21 April 2013

Friends on the Move

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There are some moments in our lives, that when they appear, they come with no pomp, no circumstance, and no bolt of lightening.  When they happen we may never realize how the impact of that exact moment, location and decision has changed the course of our future.  But each choice, each smile, and each time our hearts open, we change the very fabric of our future.  I am referring to the first time you meet someone that you now consider a friend.  That moment they wove their thread into your loom and life, they changed it.  A real friend adds colours and patterns, brings light where there may have been dark.  They add challenges, accomplishments, and celebrations!

I was inspired to write this post for two reasons.  The first being I have been blessed with an abundance of friends in my life - which I am eternally grateful for.  Secondly, some good friends are moving very far away, and I will miss them terribly.  We will miss their daughter immensely who is very much like family to all of us.  While I am happy for them and their new adventure, I feel a sense of loss with them leaving.  They are beautiful people, so kind and generous, and so thoughtful in everything they do!  But, I worry about them, as they head off to this new adventure.  They are Korean, and struggle with their English, but my husband and I have been there to help them when they needed an English voice behind them.  From the blind perspective of someone native to Canada and English speaking, I just assume (wrongly) that everyone is nice and patient with language barriers.  I can share, from my experience of speaking on their behalf, that this is not the case.  From their landlords, to the bank, even to the government - they were not treated as well as I would expect to be treated.  That was until I would get involved and speak for them, at their request, to help them understand.  Then suddenly the person at the bank became so friendly and willing to help, the landlord recognized it was their job to fix things that weren't working in the house, the government admitting to other options that were not shared directly with them.  So I worry, when they are so far away, that there will be no one there to step up and help them. 

They are fabulous people, and I pray that their decision to smile at a stranger and open their hearts - will result in the receiving person doing the same to them, so they can be blessed with the same friendship that I hold dear.  You never know when friendship will strike.  But always be prepared with a ready smile - just in case!  Ours started at a school playground, while waiting for our daughters to come out at the end of school - and luckily the connection sparked and bloomed into a warm, happy friendship.

I can't believe it is so easy to make friends - and so hard to make enemies - why can't we cherish all of those around us as friends?

Happy friend-finding,

Kathy Pettit :)

Monday, 8 April 2013

Don't Let Your Want be a Wish!

I had a conversation last week with an old friend, and we were discussing the word “want” (obviously we either lead very boring lives to argue the finer points of a simple word - or we are such deep individuals that we see discussion where others find none!).  I voiced the opinion that I think it is an action word, where she felt it represents a feeling or desire. For instance, "I want to make lots of money", "I want to write a book",  "I want to win the lottery." So while I agree that the word can invoke desire or a feeling - I don't believe it ends there. 
Here is why I think it is an action word; If you REALLY want 'it' you will act on that want. If you don't take action, it is not truly a want, but rather more of a wish. Because if you want money, you become really successful at what you do or you may take on extra work to make lots of money. People that really want to write a book – do it – they take action. People play the lottery because they want to win it. You can’t win if you don’t play.  That last statement (I have no idea who coined it - but kudos to whomever is responsible!) is really a moniker for whatever we do, whether in our careers or our personal lives.

You can’t win if you don’t play!

If you don’t take action on whatever it is you want – you don’t deserve it. If you tried and failed (and I speak from experience here) – dust off those knees (I have actually tried so hard some of my pants have worn out knees!)  and try again! If you truly want something (I mean REALLY WANT IT!)– set the goal and take the first step and get out of your comfort zone.  Make want your action word!

I can't believe it but...I am taking action on some of my own wants.  Because I have wants - not wishes! 

Happy playing everyone! J
Kathy Pettit