Sunday, 4 November 2012

A One-Legged Wonder Woman

Pickle's Hands Holding Heart Stone Found on Beach in P.E.I
Long (I mean long) ago, in a village not unlike our own, a baby came into this world with a problem.  A problem, that back then, was a big deal.  A problem that another mother, less strong and more easily pressured, may have given up on.  In my lucky world, where I have been blessed, I am glad for that mother that chose to fight for her baby.  I am happy that she gave her everything she could and raised her into a strong and caring woman.

That "problem" is my step-mom, Judy.  It was her mother's determination and strength that fought for her to get care, and get treated like a "normal" kid.  You see, my step-mom was born with Spinal Bifida and a club foot.  She endured (and still suffers from) countless surgeries, medications, health problems and mobility issues.  But she is awesome.  You see, some people have that inner strength that doesn't allow them to mope about at their misfortune.  Instead, they feel blessed at the opportunities that they have been given.  People are amazed by my step-mom...amazed that a woman that has one leg can get around, and be, well, "normal."  The thing is, what you have or don't have should not define you.  You are you.  So when my step-mom lost her leg when she was younger - she didn't let it change who she was or alter her planned adventures.  She approached them differently - but still did it! 

The best part about her, is that she can laugh at herself.  She doesn't take any offence when being teased about hobbling around on one leg, at being older than the trees, at being around when the wheel was invented (my dad has shared this "fact" with the kids so knowing him - it MUST be true!).  She can take a heap on her plate, and dish out enough servings right back at ya, with leftovers to boot!  The other part that means a lot to me is her unwavering support in whatever we do.  I don't have a "mom" that wants to be in my life - so when my dad met Judy - she fit the bill.  Whether it's my cooking, my writing, my ideas - she listens.  She encourages.  She offers advice.  And most of all - she cares. 

While I know things are getting tougher for her physically, I sometimes forget what she has been through, and what she goes through everyday just to get out of bed.  I forget because she doesn't let it rule her.  After I had surgery, she listened to my struggles and whining, without once pointing out that she has had something like 50 surgeries to get over.  She hugged, patted, wiped tears (possibly my nose too, she's nice like that) and told me it can only get better.  And of course, she was always right. 

I really believe God gives us what we need, when we need it.  I am glad that he filled my life with Judy.  She has been a blessing....even if she is only one-legged!

I can't believe it but...this one-legged woman is a bit of a rock for me and my family!

Happy appreciating the loved ones in your life,

Kathy Pettit


  1. i have to agree.....Judy IS incredible! she has always been so much fun and full of spunk!
    Her being your stepmom makes us kinda related right???

    1. Of course we're related! Any excuse to have a sista from another mista! :) She is fun - and a little a good way! lol

  2. Seriously rocking tribute to a stellar woman. I'm all verklempt (honestly).


    1. She deserves it :) Thanks for using "verklempt" on my blog...haven't heard that since...hmmm...highschool SNL nights!!!

  3. wow...what an amazing tribute to an amazing lady. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. Not sure wha verklempt means (not a SNL fan) but if it means great job, I agree.


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