Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Canned Meat...What is Happening at my House?!

You know I love you - because this tidbit about what I served my family should be completely (and understandably) top secret!  I have an overall disdain for canned, processed meat - with the exception of an occasional can of tuna.  The thought of a gelatinous blob of meat, where you can't be certain of the origins or even prove that it's the critter it states on the label, normally keeps me far away from the stuff.  But I was intrigued by the concept of pulled pork, looking like it had been simmering all the day long.

I spent about $11 on the can...and when I got home I opened it with an underlying sense of doom.  What sort of protein would be bobbing around in the huge can - and more importantly would it make me wretch in disgust?  I peeked inside and found broth with a whole roast inside.  The ingredients were all natural - with no MSG or artificial ingredients - which is a good thing!  Using monster tongs, I pulled it out and slid the lump into my stovetop dutch oven and inspected it.  The chunk looked like a pork roast, smelled like a pork roast...but I was still highly suspicious.  I grabbed two forks and prodded at it, and to my surprise it pulled apart - just like the roast I make from scratch.  (I say 'just like' - but you know what I mean!).  I shredded it and poured in our favourite bottled sauce - seen in the pic above - and simmered it on low for about 15 minutes until Hubby walked through the door.  It smelled good, so I hid the can - wondering if he would notice.

In he walked, fresh crusty buns in hand, commenting on the yummy smell permeating the main floor.  Trying to act natural, I double checked the can was well-hidden and ushered him into the dining room along with our three hooligans.  Before serving I nervously tried a small was good!  Like really good!  I could not tell that I was eating canned meat at all!

After he finished polishing off two buns slopped with heaping mounds of BBQ-y pulled pork, I dragged him into the kitchen to show him the can.  He was surprised...but admitted it was good.

So - I'm putting a few cans in my pantry for those times when I need to whip up a quick meal for an unexpected crowd.  And I would hazard a guess that they'll never know what hit 'em!  Unless of course they read my blog!  If they have no idea then the truth about who reads my blog will become glaringly obvious :) 

I can't believe it but...I actually ate canned meat and lived to tell the tale!

Happy Canned-Meat Eating!

Kathy Pettit

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Kindly Refrain From Getting Lost

Are you lost?  Don't be.  Step forward, straighten up those lovely shoulders and BE who you are.  Finding yourself is way overrated!  Creating yourself, however, is way more fun - and less stressful!  I mean, what if you kept looking for your little old self aimlessly and never, ever found it?  The last thing you want is to be sitting in your rocker, your white hair gleaming in the sun, shaking your fist at the air regretting you never found you.  (Psst....I've got a secret little old self in rocker - I found you - you're in the rocker!  Revel in being you!) 

We all work hard to carve out a small niche in this world that we can lay claim to do.  We do it with the people we surround ourselves with, the home we warm with our presence, and the difference we make in the lives of those around us.  I'm no artist - but to think of the possibilities available through CREATING myself kinda makes me excited.  I mean I could be really great.  Not just regular great.  REALLY great!  And I hate being lost.  I have no sense of direction (DD and hubby - no giggling!) and have a tendency to get muddled quite easily.  If I tried to go "and find myself" I could be gone for a very long time!!  Finding myself sounds like way more work than just creating me. 

Now, read this next part in a whispery voice in your head so as not to alert the 'establishment' (I have no idea what people are referring to when they talk about the 'establishment - but it sounds impressive!): I may say I am going to find myself...because I need some peace and quiet.  It's a lie.  But I flash my creative licensing card to take full advantage.  AND if I get 'lost' on the way - you can rest assured it was at cozy coffee joint or at a small bistro serving crisp glasses of white wine (maybe with a good friend).  But that kind of lost just helps the creative process along.  It takes time to make a masterpiece!

Love yourself, friends.  You are each a work of art.

I can't believe it but...I hope I haven't alerted the 'establishment'! 

Happy creating,

Kathy Pettit :)

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

A Place for Everything...and Everything Not in its Place

I'd like to start by pointing out (much to the dismay of myself and hubby) that this is NOT an image of our woodpile.  This is like a work of art, not like the lumpy, clumpy jumble that we have stacked for the impending cold weather. 

But when I saw this image it got me thinking about order and the lack of it that seems to have invaded my cupboards, storage areas and my life in general.  It snuck in like an autumn leaf on the bottom of an unsuspecting shoe.  My sense of order has been infected with a lack of time, resources and (if I'm completely honest) shortage of good old-fashioned gumption! 

My linen closet has become an incestuous mix of towels AND bedding on the same shelves (oh!  The shame and horror!), our garage looks much like a before ad on a Canadian Tire commercial, and my normally well-organized Christmas storage room (yes, that is another blog for another day - I have a storage room devoted entirely to the Christmas season...everyone has a weakness - right?!) looks like a preview for the show Hoarders!  Which I'm not (with that one sticky exception of Christmas decorations...)!

When we had a smaller house - we were forced to keep ourselves organized.  Bigger house = more room for the accumulation of junk (minus the Christmas decorations - definitely not junk!) and more room to spread ourselves out.  This growth - combined with having our third hooligan child - is a recipe for chaos.  I had a discussion with my boss about how much life changes when the kids outnumber the parents.  My Martha Stewart died when Coconut came along...she shriveled up like a California Raisin.  I'm okay with that - because the truth is I don't really need to have crafts cluttering my space.  What I'm not okay with is the crazy way I have forgotten my neurotic organizing behaviour.  It disappeared.  And that darned behaviour took away my time when it ran away.

So if you happen to stop by and notice the scattered way I have piled up my serving bowls or you go to grab a towel and end up with a fitted sheet - don't judge.  Rather, offer to babysit my perfect angels which would give me the opportunity to have some "free" time to re-organize! 

A long weekend is fast-approaching - maybe I'll squeeze in some re-organizing time.  Or not....

I can't believe it but...I gave you peak inside my linen closet!

Kathy Pettit