Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Can I Can That?

Totally in love with canning!  I am a machine.  3 weeks ago I opened my new canner that I got for Christmas from my hubby - and I haven't stopped since.  I was worried it would be some sort of weird science experiment that I would suck at.  I envisioned exploded jars, jam on my ceiling, and blisters from the heat.  I am proud to share that none of that has happened.  I have made some pretty delicious things!  Even my picky 9 year old is excited about helping and tasting!  That, my readers, is a feat unto itself!

Given the fear of drought, floods and plain old world-coming-to-an-end winter - I figured I would buy fruit and veggies while the going was good and preserve them in all their summer glory with the cost still being reasonable.  So, when peaches and apples are $4 a pound....I can open a jar of my honey poached peaches :)  Mmmmm...yes I am bragging a a little bit, but hey - I have worked my tail off canning up a storm - I deserve a bit of bragging rights!

Hands down, best place to get fruit and veggies - our local markets.  Shop near the end of the day when vendors are anxious to sell their stock and not pack it back up to rot in their facilities!  Buy it up...buy it all up and can can can.  Or, just do the can can dance move if canning is not your thing. 

I can't believe it but...I am canning!

Kathy Pettit, aka Canning Queen (self-titled)

Monday, 16 July 2012

Is this thing on?!

The realization sets in that there may actually be no one that is reading my blog.  Does it hurt? Not yet.  But I am sure it will!  Really, I am not that interesting.  I know it.  And now you know it.  The secret is out.  The cat is out of the bag (kidding, I don't keep cats in bags!!).  Still, it may be a bitter pill to swallow!

Back in the days of diary writing - you didn't want ANYONE to read your thoughts.  Now, our vision has changed.  We are self-important, we all feel we have something really important to say, and we'll say it even though no one is listening.  Why? 

I kinda feel (and this could just be me - tell me if that is the case! - and then aha - you actually read my blog!) like we are just big primates pressing the screen to get our instant reward.  We want everything immediately.  Heinz is WAY off track in 2012.  The best things come to those who get it fastest!  If you're in a restaurant, and you order a meal - and a person who gets seated after you gets their meal before you - do you feel agitated?  Do you feel cheated?  Even though some extra love and care may have gone into preparing your meal - it doesn't matter.  We want our reward or gratification NOW.  Not later.  Not even later if it will be better.  NOW!  We are a bunch of foot-stomping 3 year olds.

What I'm trying to spit out is that whether or not anyone wants to read this.  I'm writin' it.  SO THERE :)

I can't believe it but....I feel like I actually got my point across without writing a novel!  It's your lucky day. 

Keep reading!


Sunday, 8 July 2012

Who Am I, Really? Hmmm...I'll Try to Answer That....

Ever been asked that question?  How do you answer a question like that.  I am me, Kathy Pettit.  Brunette.  35.  Married for 15 years.  3 kids, 9 and under.  I love chocolate and wine...and I am OK with consuming them at the same time!  We have 2 beasts dogs, who I will share pictures with eventually.  I feel blessed, even when things don't go my way.  Why?  Because I am here, present and capable of handling challenges that teach me a lesson   I have great friends.  A great job.  Good health.  I have a healthy relationship with God. 

But WHO am I?  I consider myself a never-ending puzzle (or mess, depending on perspective!)  This puzzle, if you will, is made up of everyone and everything that I have known and experienced thus far.  Even you, reader, have contributed to me by reading this.  I am a compilation of experiences.  And I am thankful for every experience I have been blessed with (or cursed with), because they have made me who I am today. 

In a rather large, and peanut-free nutshell, that is me :) 

I can't believe it, but... I am going to end here and leave more for another day!

Happy days!

Kathy Pettit

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Live a Life Worth Living

What does this mean?  Do I do it?  Do you do it? 

I saw this title somewhere and it made me think.  Hard.  If life is not worth living, we are wasting it!  I was blessed with good health, family and freedom.  The big question is, would anyone else find my little existence on this very huge planet worth living?  Or is it our perspective that makes us feel worthwhile?  Maybe the trick is to see from other people's perspective and APPRECIATE their contribution for all it is worth.  Humph....now that is a mission worth going on.  I'll let you know...

I can't believe it, but, the mission starts now!